Discovery Trips FAQs

What are 'Kayak Discovery' trips?

Discovery trips are specially designed kayak trips suitable for families, beginner paddlers, and those with some experience. You get to enjoy the adventure of a multi-day water journey with full logistical and safety support. You get to discover new places from the perspective of a kayak in comfort, as you stay in resort or guesthouse each night. Fresh meals are provided daily and your luggage are also being portage forward daily. It is also a great way to learn about kayaking, and many of our guests who join us are first-time kayakers.

All we ask from you is to be prepared to give and take on our trips. You can choose to go fast or take it slow on a kayak. If you like, you can paddle apart from the group at times – pursue your own connections on the water!

For the hardcore adventurous and seasoned sea kayakers, you may also want to consider our expeditions (under our Special Programs section).

How much kayaking experience do I need?

Some will do! If you have been paddling regularly, it shows you are comfortable in a kayak. However, if you have not been paddling for a while, we’ll give you some basic tips to get you going.

I am a first timer to kayaking, can?

Discovery trips are designed to be comfortable for those with beginner/moderate fitness levels. Many of our guests are first timers!

The distance are planned at a moderate pace, to offer a challenge as well as allow for all to enjoy the sights and sounds and landscape. We do make frequent stops to let you indulge in nature, like swimming in the clear waters or a hike up the waterfalls. We sometimes even stop for museum visits or enjoying a meal in a restaurant – all in our kayaking gear! Its a journey of discovery together!

What happens if the weather turns nasty?

We plan our trips opposite to the monsoon patterns in this region. Some months are good for some places and not good for others. So we plan our trips to avoid the worst of weathers. Light to medium rain doesn’t cause any problems as you are pretty well protected from it by the kayaks we use (in fact paddling in the rain can be quite a pleasant experience!). We prioritised group safety and comfort, so have built in weather stops and buffer time so that we may continue our itinerary to minimal disruptions and safety issues.

What should I wear?

We encourage you to wear UPF50+ rated clothes (long sleeves lightweight rash guards and long pants), a UPF-rated sun protective hat, UPF-rated gloves, and polarised sunglasses. Our shop at 59C Temple Street retails all types of kayaking and sun protective products, do check us out!

Service Conditions

Risk Information

Outdoor adventure travel like kayak touring carries inherent risks because nature is hard to predict. It is important to be aware of the decisions made during the trip, and if at any time you are uncomfortable with the risks involved, to opt out of the specific activity.

Because of the remoteness (and inaccessibility) of our trip areas, medical help is often far away and would not be immediate. By signing up with us, you would understand such risks and would have consulted your doctor about your medical and health suitability for such trips.

Medical & Travel Insurance

You are required to have a comprehensive travel insurance policy for adequate medical and personal injury coverage before trip departure.


If the trip is delayed because of bad weather, delays by modes of transport, third party providers, or situations for which we cannot make provisions (e.g. flight delays), the cost of such delays to you could not be refunded. We seek your understanding  on this. In such situations, travel insurance could be useful.


International Trips (exclude Singapore)
A significant portion of our expenses are committed long before departure. When we receive written notice of a trip cancellation more than 30 days prior to departure, a full refund minus a US$50 (per pax) administration fee will be offered. If we received your written notice of cancellation less than 30 days prior to departure, 50% of your trip fee (per pax) will be forfeited. No refund will be offered for written cancellation notice of less than 14 days.

Singapore Trips
For local half-day trips in Singapore, a $25 cancellation fee (per pax) applies when we receive a written notice that you have to cancel your trip more than 48 hours before departure. If we receive your written notice to cancel less than 48 hours prior to departure, we regret there is no refund.

For local full-day or multi-day trips in Singapore, a cancellation fee of 50% of trip fee (per pax) applies when we receive a written notice that you have to cancel your trip more than 7 days before departure. If we receive your written notice to cancel less than 7 days prior to departure, we regret there is no refund.

Cancelled Trips

Southeast Asia Trips (exclude Singapore)
Due to the nature of operating in the wilderness, we reserve the right to cancel any trip prior to departure for any reason whatsoever, including unforeseen logistical problems which may impede trip and safety operations. If the trip is cancelled less than 7 days before departure, a full refund would be given, but we would not be able to refund personal expenses incurred in preparation for the trip (e.g., air tickets, insurance, equipment, etc.). If the trip is cancelled with advanced notice of more than 7 days, a replacement trip on another date with the same itinerary and comparable value will be offered.

Singapore Trips
For local trips in Singapore, if the trip is cancelled with an advance notice of more than 48 hours, a replacement of your booked trip on another date will be offered. If the trip is cancelled less than 48 hours before departure, you may opt for a full refund of the trip cost or convert your payment into voucher for future trips. We could not, however refund personal expenses incurred in preparation for the trip (e.g., annual leave, purchase of equipment, etc.). We seek your understanding.

Use of Photos

As photos and videos will be taken during our trips, you consent to us using images of you taken during the trip for advertising and promotional purposes.

Glossary - Have some fun with jargons and terms specific to Kayakasia!


All food, water, survival gear, tents, every single piece of barang barang (luggage) you bring you have to carry with you from Day 1 to Day X. Means we are on our own lah.


Generally means you still have to carry everything except a tent, as at the end of each day there is a proper bed waiting for you.


Just carry your water bottle, snacks and hang a camera. Everything else is being carried for you and meals are served to you on the beach!


Carry On The Way (COTW). This means everything we bring with us must be carried along with us while kayaking. No logistics boat/car to transport our luggage.


Resort to Resort (R2R). This means just bring a kayak and a credit card can settle all the food and lodging. Even towels can be left behind! Often used with COTW.

Technical Crossing

Paddling between 2 islands more than 20km apart.

Night Kayaking

Paddling in darkness, full moon, whether intended or unintended.

Expedition Laws

So far we have discovered 4 immutable laws of kayak expeditions. Ignore them at our own peril !


You got everything in you to join our trip!


Your thirst for a physical adventure and mental challenge is strong!