Ubin 4-Rivers Trail
(***This is an exploratory trip, so expect the unexpected…!***)

For the first time, we will attempt to link 4 rivers inside the heart of Ubin, paddling them as one single waterway!

Pulau Ubin is crisscrossed by many waterways. This special trip will explore all of this intricate river systems, linking various waterways in a closed loop within the island. At some sections, the river narrowed and the trees closed, creating a natural canopy of arching branches and leaves. Numerous species of birds are easily spotted among this mazy waterways. Bigger reptiles like monitor lizards and snakes go about their ways.

This is an exploratory trip as part of PESTA UBIN (pestaubin2017.blogspot.com). Lunch will be provided.

More info at facebook.com/kayakasia

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