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One of the most experienced sea kayaker and guide in southeast asia, Huey has pioneered numerous kayak expeditions in this region. What started as a 2,000km charity kayaking trip from Singapore to Bangkok had turned out to be a full-time pursuit, combining his passion for discovery and love for this vast archipelago.

“I find it fulfilling that kayak touring supports local community and environment. It is never something I thought kayakasia could do. Having explored thousands of miles of water, there is still much learning about this region from locals and guests alike. It’s like a never ending journey of discovery that keeps me on the sea, letting the water guide my life.”

Huey bought his first kayak (Feathercraft K-light) with a loan when he was 25 years old. He now alternately paddles a Feathercraft Wisper, Gumotex Solar, Feathercraft Aironaut, and an Epic surf ski! He would like to paddle a Feathercraft Khatsalano and a Tahe Greenland GT…

Besides English, Huey also speaks Mandarin, Thai, Bahasa Indonesia, and little French (un petit peu). He also writes a blog.


A classically trained dancer, physical education teacher, certified pilates instructor, Ling is now a full-time kayak guide with Kayakasia. She graduated with an honours degree (Psychology) from National University Singapore and holds a Diploma in Physical Education. Eager to pursue her passion in outdoor adventure and kayaking, she had lead kayak expeditions in Thailand and Indonesia, sharing her love for water and nature with her guests.

“Paddling always brings me excitement and wonder. The landscape, nature, people and their culture make each trip memorable. Being on the waters is also a humbling journey of endless discovery and learning. The insights gained is more than what each paddle will take me. I would like to be for as long as I can, this ‎life on the waterways.”

On land, Ling continues her pursuit in dance and movement. An expert in various forms of Greenland rolls, she is currently learning wushu, of which sword-play is her favourite!


Everything about Rey’s life now revolved on, in and around the water wearing a skirt with a paddle in hand. On the water on a daily basis for the past 6 years, he could count the days he was away from it! Rey believes each of us has this one great adventure waiting to happen. It is just a matter of unlocking one’s self to allow it to happen, make everything fall in its place naturally & live in the natural flow of being.

“My father was from a group of islands between Cebu & Leyte. After he shared the sea with me as a child, I had an inseparable connection with the water. Without fast crafts & ferry liners then, going home to my father’s island was a journey – crisscrossing the islands on small bancas & trudging dusty dirtroads was the usual way, the only way! These experiences I sort of relive when I paddle. As if slow motion when the moments ceased fleeting, I became a kid again! On the water, everything became an exploration of the senses – you have all this time to reflect on everything…why I love kayaking and why i will never stop!”

Like all sea-kayakers he dreams of one day paddling to that village at the end of the world, to the birthplace of kayaking in the Arctic Greenland.


Reza started paddling since 2007. He is an experienced rafting guide and whitewater kayaker (river grade 4+). He graduated with a Psychology degree from Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia. After years of working as a HR professional in the coal mining sector, he is now thrilled to live his life passionately as a fulltime paddler!!!

“Paddling always makes me curious – understanding the flow of currents, catching the next wave, the different paddling techniques – all these manifesting inside a very busy brain making quick decisions is my ultimate adrenaline rush! More than this, is how paddling taught me to be grateful for this life and to love our environment. I would love to share such challenges and adventures with you.”