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kayakasia | eco adventure travel company managed by professional kayak guides, with centers in Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia.

We want you to experience as it is – the people, the culture, the vast archipelagos, thousands flowing rivers – with a kayak. We think paddling is wonderful. With your own power, curiosity, humour, without strictures of time and place – all these and borrowing from our planet less than three inches of water at any one place.

We started kayak touring since year 2000 and know the region intimately. Many of our expeditions are pioneering in our never-ending quest to explore. We do this to show you an amazing part of our world only accessible by kayaks, to share an unforgettable experience of what is it like to see our watery planet up close.

Our Philosophy

Our trips are beginner friendly & suitable for all ages

Book direct. No out-source, no third-party tour operators

Our kayaks are made of natural rubber and not made from PVC (PVC contains harmful substance to our body and our environment. We also recycle our kayaks so they do not end up in a landfill

Minimise your carbon footprints. We do not use disposable plastics or give out plastic bottles. We also pick up marine trash as part of our trips

Uplifting local communities. We are the local guides, working in local companies. And we support local causes in environment, animals' welfare, and youth

Sustainable tourism. Our trips are carefully designed with a place's capacity limits, awareness of flora & fauna, and respect for the sea. We let the sea decides when we should visit and paddle

We fuss over every details so that you get to experience the freedom one enjoys in a kayak. We want you to feel

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