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We want you to experience as it is – the people, the culture, the vast archipelagos, thousands flowing rivers – with a kayak

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We explore, design, and then guide our own trips, working directly with the locals who are often our friends. We are not a re-seller of trips and there is no out-source of trips to third-party tour operators.

We find waterways that make us feel at home. To make us less lonely. To connect with others & places.

We Upcycle Our Kayaks To Reduce Waste
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Paddling is wonderful. With your own power, curiosity, humour, without strictures of time and place - all these and borrowing from our planet less than three inches of water at any one place.

Sustainable Tourism

Our trips are carefully designed to avoid the crowds, minimise waste, and respect local customs and nature.

Local communities

We are the local guides, companies, and friends sharing with you our places.

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No outsource, no third-party tour operators. Only us.

Positive Eco Impact

Using our own human powered crafts to explore this world. We support actions & local projects to conserve our environment.

70% Of Our Planet Is Water
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Exploring southeast asia's waterways. Multi-day kayak touring trips and expeditions.

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6 days ago

Exploring an old patch of mangrove this morning in Changi. Love a windy day where you don’t really know how the clouds are going to form or be. Also a sunny day, otherwise where else could we get our dose of Vitamin D? It is simply nice to be out on the waters.

#changi #singapore #kayaking #mangroves
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Beautiful nature and serenity waters 👍👍👋👋

Beautiful photos!

Wonderful pictures ! 😁👌... it's look like our green Mangroves forest at Trapeang Sangkae - Kampot CAMBODIA

1 month ago

The first seal I saw in Greenland was a bloody dead one.

I saw the hunter drawing his knife as I was struggling into my drysuit.

I stopped at this sentence for some time. Not because of the bloody scene but because I had no idea how cold weather worked. When the knife sliced into the seal, ‘steam’ rose, more like what came out of our mouth when we talked during some cold days. It was this water vapor that caught my eye and indicated that it was a fresh kill. I guessed it was from the warm blood.

When I ran down towards the hunter, he was done skinning the seal, and was ready to cut out the organs like kidney, liver, …

Olie, the owner of a small hotel in Oqaastut, called it ‘fjord seal’ and it looked like a ringed seal. Seals don’t live all year here. In Summer, they follow the fish from ‘Canada’ to Disko Bay, and the surrounding waters of this village.

While Inuits used kayaks and harpoons to hunt seals before, a .22 rifle and a speedboat are now the hunter’s tools.

Olie took out his knife, selected the bloody liver, and sliced 2 large pieces in the snow.

“One for me, one for you.”

At this moment, my only resistance was the bloody mouth of Olie as he squashed the liver under his teeth.

I then popped it in and chewed. Rich source of nutrients.

“You can have the whole liver if you want it.”, Olie said.


Oqaastut is a small village 18km north of Ilulissat. There are no roads, and the only way to get there is by boat or kayaks. The villagers own a boat, ATV, snowmobile, and dogs as transport.

49 people live here now, 7 children and almost 10% of the village are…filipinos. Most of them work in the halibut processing factory, which built a desalination plant here to get the 8000L of fresh water the factory requires daily. The village gets 1000L a day. There are also one doctor and one teacher here.

In Dutch, this place was known as Rodebay “Red Bay” 3 centuries ago, as the Dutch whalers used the sheltered cove to cut up their catch of whales, that were plentiful around Oqaastut.


“You can use my mosquito head net to catch the Ammassat”, said Maligiaq.

I had lost my fish hook and was looking at the massive shoal of Ammassat swimming in the waters. Maligiaq passed me his head net and went back to supervise the gathering of shrubs and mussels for our meal.

Ammassat (capelin fish) massed around this time of the year in their tens of thousands. They were so numerous in the shallows that the Inuits could ‘catch them with their hands’. So a mosquito net was already giving me a handicap.

I tried dragging it behind my kayak, using heavy carabiners to sink it a few meters. I was obviously very skeptical and caught only seaweed. The rest of the fishing team caught cods and sculpin fishes and those, with the delicious fresh juicy sea urchins and mussels, were a sufficient meal.

The second time we went out there, I realised I probably underestimated what Maligiaq said.

The Ammassat were now so numerous and packed so closely near to shore, that you could literally catch them with your hands.


Paddling to Oqaastut was both an experiment and journey of discovery. Without arctic experience, what was it like to paddle distance in the cold, being exposed out in the cold outdoors for hours without shelter?

We have to learn all these if we ever do a multi-day self supporting expedition in the arctic someday. This short 3 days paddling to Oqaastut was an invaluable introduction to arctic paddling.

Arctic kayak camping expedition anyone ? 😀

#ice #greenland #arctic #kayaking #oqaatust #seal #wilderness #
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Thank you for sharing.

Thanks for writing up this account. It's fascinating.

Very interesting


I'm officially adding this to my list of all-time favorites!I'm experiencing a whirlwind of emotions right now!

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"Throwback to our amazing kayaking session wth Kayakasia!

Our colleagues had great fun interacting with one another whilst paddling away on the waters from Punggol to Pulau Ubin and Coney Island

Highlight of the kayaking trail was definitely the exploration into the mangroves forest as we get to feel nature at its closest. With the guidance of the instructors, we managed to complete the whole trail within 4 hours!"

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